YMMV / Hoshi Saga

  • Guide Dang It!: Stage 9982 in Dokuringo has a solution unrelated to the original puzzle, stage 77. It also has to be found in a field of 35 blocks with four positions each.
  • Tear Jerker: The solution of the final puzzle of Minna no Hoshi Saga, titled "Star Commando". It's implied that the girl succumbs to her illness and dies, and as the guy takes a photo of the night sky, he cries.
  • That One Boss: The Final Boss of Ringohime isn't so bad once you know how to avoid its moves. In fact, you have a regenerating shield and infinite lives for this. Then you face it in the final stage of Dokuringo... where you only have one hit point to beat it- get hit once, and you have to start all over. The game will give you an option for Mercy Mode shields if you fail to beat it, but this locks you out of the "good" ending.
    • Did we also mention that it has a very nasty Last Ditch Move when defeated?
  • That One Level:
    • Stage 12 in the first game. Hold the mouse to let the ball draw out a star... while avoiding ten bouncing Spike Balls of Doom which force you to restart should they touch the ball.
    • Stage 88 in the third installment stands out as a stage that will send you into teeth-grinding fits as you try to get all five points lit up at the same time.
    • Stage 65 in Ringoen, which require alternate solutions to the other puzzles in the row it's in to be solved.
    • Stage 74 in Ringoen is also very confusing with the pieces that rotate themselves as well as one other piece.
    • Stage 10000, the final stage in Dokuringo, on the other hand, stands out as the one that will leave you completely bald and toothless by the time you beat it.