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YMMV: His Girl Friday
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: A reporter tries to pull back his divorced wife by repeatedly landing her fiance in jail, hiring a thug to give him counterfeit money, and kidnapping his mother. The divorcee, unaware of this, pulls an Exact Words ploy so she can tear up an interview he requested her to write because he made her late, even though she's aware loss of that interview could cost a man his life. They both work to expose a coverup by the mayor and the sheriff to kill a legally insane man so they can get reelected. Not many good guys here.
  • Unfortunate Implications: We are told that the reason that Earl Williams is certain to be condemned is that he shot a "colored" policeman.
    • Sounds more like Values Dissonance. He's certain to be condemned because he shot a cop. Today, there'd be no need to mention the cop's race.
      • Actually the cop's race was important, just in the opposite way that you'd expect for the time. Coming down hard on the guy who recently killed a black policeman (even ordering temporary reprieves to push the timing closer to election day) was all part of the mayor's plan to secure the black vote in the upcoming election.

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