* {{High Octane Nightmare Fuel}} - Evil Master.
* NarmCharm
* NightmareFuel - Multiple examples, but the final battle takes the cake.
* ViewerGenderConfusion - The Evil Master looks like a man for the most part but has a female voice (unless you're watching a dub). This is due to old Chinese eunuch legends. In short, eunuchs are magic and evil.

'''EXECUTIONERS''' (aka '''Heroic Trio II''')

* BadassDecay - The girls seem to be more likely to have trouble dealing with {{Mooks}} in this film, although it's justified in Wonder Woman's case since she hasn't done much superheroing since her daughter was born.
* BigLippedAlligatorMoment - A government soldier with SuperStrength shows up at the end, smacks the girls around, and then gets killed off. We never learn his name or backstory.
* FanonDisContinuity - Many fans have little regard for this one. Many have complained that the story is confusing, overly dark, [[spoiler: and Ching dies.]]
* {{Sequelitis}} - The Heroic Trio could've used a sequel... but maybe not this one.