YMMV / Hero Core

These are the tropes of Hero Core that not everyone agrees with.

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Did Flip Hero go rogue to destroy Cruiser Tetron, or did Cruiser Tetron create him for that purpose? The good ending supports both!
  • Best Boss Ever: Really, any of them could qualify; the game's bosses are excellent. But special mention goes to the Rock Smasher, a huge machine that you spend the entire battle inside, and the Living Warmachine, whose footsteps are synchronised with the beats of the final boss theme.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: The boss theme, along with the Annihilator Factory and Tetron's theme.
  • Demonic Spider: Annihilators. They throw massive amounts of fire at you, not counting their occasional explosive blasts. It's not surprising that they're the only non-boss enemies with their own death animation.
  • Genius Bonus: The last Annnihilation log computer does not simply contain random dots and lines, but morse code. The text is not entirely decipherable (the dying author presumably made typos), but the last letters are "THEZENTRAIDON", "Zentraidon" being a Tasen/Komato term for self-annihilation by technical advancement.
  • Most Annoying Sound: The high pitched "ding" when you hit an enemy in a spot that its not vulnerable in. Though Daniel Remar reduced its volume and it's less annoying now.
  • Surprisingly Improved Sequel: Hero was okay, but basic. Hero Core adds the lessons Daniel learned from Iji.
  • That One Boss: Odd version: It seems that different playing styles result in different bosses becoming this. The most likely candidate on hard mode is the Reaper Drone, because he's the last boss you have to fight before getting a gun upgrade.
    • The Plasma Hydra can feel like it's replicating some shooting games.
    • The Guardian, any difficulty.
  • That One Level: The room on hard mode with an Annihilator and a Warp Eidolon. To make things worse, it's about as far from a save point as you can get in the game, and the route there is dangerous. And it's an Inescapable Ambush room.
  • The Untwist: Especially after fighting the Elites, it's obvious what Flip Hero is.