YMMV / Hero Clix

  • Junk Rare: Sometimes. Some definitely are, others seem useless for a while, but when later sets come out, they can combine with newer pieces and suddenly become useful.
  • Seasonal Rot: Every set since Infinity Challenge has been accused by some as being the end of the game. Be it expanding into non-comic book based licenses, sculpt and paint quality, too many high point pieces, too many low point pieces, new mechanics that are confusing or "game-breaking", too many figures, too few figures, too much product coming out at once, each set seems to be the set that will bankrupt Wizkids. Again.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: The attitude toward the recent redesign that added dials to the back of cards and changed the card layout.
  • Uncanny Valley: Some of the figures can fall into this due to odd proportions that often take a while for the player/viewer to realize, such as the Wolverine figure from the Giant-Size X-Men set and his just-so-subtly oversized head.