YMMV / Hentai Kamen

  • Crazy Awesome: Hentai Kamen himself, of course. Typically falls into this, Refuge in Audacity, or both.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: In Chapter 2. A couple of goons hold up the bank and then the police arrives...to inform that the robbers parked their van in the middle of the road which is made even funnier when one of the robbers panics and begs them not to give them a ticket. Finally, there's a Beat Panel and the cops finally realize what the goons are doing and the goons realize that they're one step away from foiling their own robbery.
  • Squick: Most of Kamen's opponents end up with their head caught in his underwear. Doesn't happen to the girls, though (such as a female thief he apprehended: He tied her up shibari-style, but didn't stick her head up his crotch).
    • Scratch that, make that the whole darned manga...
    • It's fetish fuel when it happens to a good looking villain though. The show only had about 3 of them though.
  • Fridge Logic: Kyosuke's powers can't activate when he wears his mom's underwear, since they're related. However, his infant son's powers manifest when his own mother's underwear falls onto his face. What? It may be because supposedly Kyosuke's power comes from his mother's side of the family...