YMMV: Gundam Abridged

G Gundam Abridged

Gundam Wing Abridged

  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Naturally, as it IS an abridged Series.
  • Growing the Beard: Just about everything about the show, from the writing to the acting have improved drastically between the first episode and episode 25.
  • Ho Yay: It's only natural, considering the fandom, but Quatre is the most blatant.

Mobile Suit Gundam Abridged

  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Many of the characters are exaggerated versions of themselves, but perhaps the biggest change is Haro, who was designed by Amuro "to keep Fraw away from [him]." Did I mention Haro's voice is clips of Gla DOS from Portal?
    • And Amuro is very unstable basket case whose whinyness and overabundance of angst is more than a little reminiscent of Shinji Ikari from Neon Genesis Evangelion.
      • His father issues are taken to extremes, and often lead to rampages on the battlefield.
    • Dozle Zabi is a borderline Man Child. After Garma bites it, Dozle goes to his dad for 'upsies'.
    • His father Degwin has a voice reminiscent of James Brown crossed with a black preacher.
    • Sayla is a foul mouthed Ice Queen who is far from supportive or sympathetic towards Amuro's anxieties.
    • Ironically, Kai is actually a bit more sympathetic and likable here (especially when contrasted with the rest of the cast.) His major alteration is that he's obsessed with music and seems to be unable to concentrate in battle without blaring music through his ears.
    • Dren is massive alcoholic and part time cross-dresser.
    • Fraw is a drug dealer/addict who frequently "violates" Amuro.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Dren, Char's 2nd in command, despite having an extremely minor role in the original series, has become a favorite among some fans primarily for his alcoholism mixed with his utterly deadpan delivery.