YMMV / Guiding Light

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Are Reva and Josh really one of the show's super couples or is Josh a jerk who emotionally abused and gaslighted poor Annie to the point of madness—constantly telling her there was nothing going on between him and Reva when it was plain as day that there was, then blaming Annie for their failed marriage that he was never invested in—and therefore deserved every terrible thing Annie did to them?
    • It doesn't help that even though she was the worst example, Annie is far from the first person they've done this to.
  • Archive Panic: We repeat: it is the longest running narrative in human history.
  • Les Yay: Olivia & Natalia; started out fighting over Natalia's ex Gus, who ended up dying in a car wreck around the same time Olivia had a heart attack. Put Gus's heart in Olivia's chest, add Natalia's determination to keep a near-suicidal Olivia alive (she wanted to die so as to spite her) so in a way she could keep Gus alive, mix in an undercurrent of respect, let it blossom and you wind up with what many consider to be one of the best same-sex romances of all time.
    • However, with the exception of one instance prior to their relationship where Olivia kissed Natalia to prove a point, CBS would not allow any true on screen kiss between the two, causing accusations of homophobia towards the network.
  • Retroactive Recognition: As is par for the course with soaps, many famous actors got their start here—Melina Kanakaredes first acting job was as Eleni Cooper.
  • Signature Scene: Reva's Iconic The Slut of Springfield breakdown, often regarded as one of the finest moments in Daytime.
  • Unintentionally Sympathetic: Annie. As despicable as most of her actions were, they're pretty understandable when you consider how much Josh jerked her around regarding his feelings for and involvement with Reva and how often the two of them would practically taunt her.