YMMV / Georgette Heyer

A Blunt Instrument
* Strangled by the Red String: The tomboy and the Smug Snake agree to be married in the penultimate chapter, despite not having much romantic dialogue. Of course, that might have been the whole point...

The Black Moth
* Magnificent Bastard: for a Romance Novel value of the term, Tracy.
* The Woobie: It's hard not to feel sorry for Richard, whom everybody including the narrator considers inferior to his brother.

Friday's Child
* Ho Yay: Gil and Ferdy, Sherry and Sir Montagu Revesby.

The Grand Sophy

The Great Roxhythe
* Ho Yay: Read this extract and tell me you don't see it.

These Old Shades

The Unfinished Clue
* Strangled by the Red String: Inspector Harding and Dinah. Heyer tries to pass it off as Love at First Sight, but it still comes across as pretty forced.