* AwesomeArt: Not that the show is normally a slouch in the animation department, but there quite a few fans who preferred the human character designs in "Pool Party Panic". Aside from them managing to avert falling in to the UncannyValley and all of them actually looking good if not better, their faces, shape, and personality are honest-to-god faithful to their fish counterparts and [[CastOfSnowflakes beautifully diverse]].
* ClicheStorm: Possibly half the reason the show is considered adequate due to having plots that have been used before. These episodes usually take place in school. For example, you think we would've seen an episode about class pictures, passing a test, forgetting someone's anniversary before?
%% * CrazyAwesome: Milo.
* CriticalDissonance: The show has not been as well received by critics as [[WesternAnimation/PhineasAndFerb some]] [[WesternAnimation/GravityFalls other]] animated Disney shows, but this show still scores about 3 million viewers on average each new episode. Not to mention the pilot, "Bea Stays In the Picture", scored a huge ''4.8 million'', which is about more than most episodes of ''WesternAnimation/SpongebobSquarepants''.
* EarWorm:
** The theme song.
** Final exam! Final exam! You better get ready for the final exam!
** Eat Dip! Eat Dip! Eat Dip, Eat Dip, Eat Dip!
* HeartwarmingInHindsight: The Latin American Spanish dub of Fish Hooks has the voices of Milo, Bea, and Oscar singing the theme song. [[spoiler: The end of the series finale has the gang sing a variant of the theme song in celebration of their graduation, meaning that [[BookEnds the last lines the dub's voice actors recorded were likely the parts of the theme song they first sang]].]]
* IdiotPlot:
** "Milo's Magical Shake", and is it ever. Long story short, Milo gets his 1,000th milkshake for free along with 999 shakes he bought previously, names it Emily, and cherishes the moment rather than drinks her. Milo doesn't even consider drinking Emily even when she starts to melt, and [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything his friends even hold an intervention!]] Of course, [[IdiotHero Milo]] was the main character of this one. Besides, there are many, ''many'' other episodes who have idiot plots:
** "Oscar is a Playa": Based on an assumption between Escargot and Oscar, and the truth doesn't come out until the episode is about to end.
** "Oscar's Secret Admirer": Oscar and Bea discover a note in the former's locker. It was put by Milo, by the way, since he didn't [[DidntThinkThisThrough thought that it could be confused for an actual love letter]].
** "Bea Dates Milo": Milo and Bea decide to fake date, and don't do the logical thing until the episode's near end.
** "Sixteen Clamandles": Nobody even ''questions'' about if Clamantha's birthday hat was real or a mistake. All they do is get the assumption that it really is her birthday.
* OneSceneWonder: Brandon Bubbler, the Music/JustinBieber {{Expy}}, before he became an AscendedExtra by Season 3.
** Shiloh, Milo's DistaffCounterpart who appears in the last 30 seconds of "Guys' Night Out".
** Also Oscar's brain, which gives him advice on girls and is voiced by [[Creator/DavidTennant The 10th Doctor]].
** "Pool Party Panic" is a One ''Episode'' Wonder, featuring the entire show re-imagined with a human cast, a premise that turned out to be popular with the fans.
* PairTheSpares / ShipsThatPassInTheNight: With the Oscar x Bea pairing, there tends to be a paring of [[CrazyAwesome Milo]] x [[LovableAlphaBitch Shellsea]], despite that both have very little dialogue together, the most being in the sleepover episode, when Milo is DisguisedInDrag.
* TastesLikeDiabetes: The moments of friendship that the characters have can border on this.
* TheyWastedAPerfectlyGoodPlot:
** Both fans and haters of the show agree that if the show was focused less on school, and more on the [[WidgetSeries weirdness]], it wouldn't be such a indecisive crowd. Needless to say, episodes like "Fish Out of Water" or "Peopleing" are better received than episodes like "Queen Bea" or "Fish Floaters".
** "Pool Party Panic". A lot of fans preferred the human designs and found the characters of that universe much more interesting.
* UncannyValley:
** The pet shop cat. Dear ''God.''
** [[http://i307.photobucket.com/albums/nn284/bloody_kxren_lizy/AdultBea.jpg Bea with make-up]]
** Occasionally the animation becomes quite stiff and jerky for a Disney show, particularly in the first season.
%%* UglyCute: Baldwin's Babies.
%%* TheWoobie:
%%** Clamantha becomes a much more sympathetic character after "Two Clams In Love."
%%** Albert Glass could also count as one.
%%** At times, Oscar also qualifies.