YMMV / Felicia Day

  • Awesome Music: At PAX 08, she performed "Still Alive" with Jonathan Coulton as seen here.
  • Hype Backlash: If any of the comments regarding her Dragon Age webseries are anything to go by, many weren't impressed.
    • Her book got this as well, in part because of the advertising line "Geeks, meet your new queen," which spawned a counter hashtag, #NotMyQueen on Twitter from people who considered her to be having a case of Small Name, Big Ego, from people who'd never heard of her or people who had other problems with her. However, she does state in the book that she's never called herself "Queen of the Geeks"; it's just a title other people often bestow on her.
  • Never Live It Down: Admitted in her book that she made a "bright yellow eyeshadow choice that I'll rue until the day I'm dead" in the video for "Gamer Girl, Country Boy."