!!The movies provide examples of:
* SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic: A given.
** "Dogs in the Yard" and "I Sing The Body Electric" from the original, "Hold Your Dream" from the remake.
** "Is It OK If I Call You Mine" is also very heartfelt.
* SoOkayItsAverage: How most critics have felt about the remake, especially compared to the original with its stronger social commentary.

!!The musical version provides examples of:
* SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic: "Fame", clearly. The full version of "Bring on Tomorrow" is another.
* EarWorm: ''"FAME! I'm gonna live forever, I'm gonna learn how to fly!"''
* FridgeLogic: Wait, a performing arts high school, and not ONE gay kid?!
* HollywoodPudgy: Mabel, depending on the actress. She can be any size, but the point is, she's fat for a dancer.
* HoYay: "Can't Keep it Down" is full of it. In some productions, Nick and Joe Vegas HoYay it up during the Romeo and Juliet scene with Serena.
** Not to mention that Serena is half-convinced Nick is gay.
--> ''"You'll probably go off to New Haven and meet some guy and forget all about me!"''
* TearJerker:
** "In L.A" for Carmen.
** "These Are My Children" for Ms. Sherman.
** The full version of "Bring on Tomorrow" when Schlomo [[spoiler: dedicates the performance to Carmen, who's just died of a drug overdose.]]

!!The series version provides examples of:
* SugarWiki/AwesomeMusic: "Life Is A Celebration" is a good place to start.
* BizarroEpisode: The Wizard of Oz episode. Ironically, the show's renditions of the classic songs seem to be how people discover the show on Youtube.
* EarWorm: ''All over the place.'' That many of the songs were written by at least one person who also wrote original songs for fellow MGM musical series ''Series/KidsIncorporated'' should tip you in.
* GermansLoveDavidHasselhoff: The series proved far more popular in UsefulNotes/{{Europe}} and especially the [[UsefulNotes/{{Britain}} United Kingdom]] (including multiple chart hits) that it did in its native USA; to the point that it played a role in Creator/MetroGoldwynMayer and LBS Communications partnering to [[{{Uncanceled}} continue production]] [[ChannelHop in first-run syndication]] after the series was canceled by Creator/{{NBC}} in 1983.
* {{Narm}} : On occasion. Some episodes are available on YouTube. Some of the actors veer into LargeHam territory, and on occasion the vocal performances are cringe-worthy. Granted, it ''was'' TheEighties.
* TearJerker: Many entire episodes, examples include "Help from My Friends" and "Who Am I Really".
** "Go Softly Into The Morning" might be the biggest as it [[VerySpecialEpisode deals with a heavy subject matter]] (drunk driving) and a prominent character is [[McLeaned killed off]] as a result. The song "See Your Face Again" from that same episode also falls into this territory after the passing of its vocalist, Carrie Hamilton.
** The song [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6pEcaIsOgE "Come What May"]] (not [[Film/MoulinRouge that one]], an original song composed for the show) in particular is also heartbreakingly gorgeous.
** The [[spoiler: death of Bruno's father]] in Season 3.
--> For the rest of your life, he'll be the first one to hear every song you write.
** "Tough Act to Follow", even moreso when you consider that [[RealitySubtext the actor playing Mr. Crandall had just died.]]