YMMV / Extinctioners

  • Spiritual Successor: Regarding themes and even characters, the whole story can be from Albedo: Erma Felna EDF, except with a super-hero spin.
    • Spiritual Antithesis: On the other hand, Extinctioners is also this from Albedo as well: Both titles deals with furry characters who were created by outside forces outside their own understanding, and in both cases the human race are behind their creation. The difference lies in the fact, while in Albedo, the Creators are very ambiguous beings whose true intentions aren't completely known, outside they created life as a part of a social scientific experiment just to know how they can react without the need of humans. In Extinctioners, on the other hand, their equivalent (The Makers), as far as we know about them, are mostly evil and the story makes painfully clear the anthropomorphic cast were created by the humans just to save their own asses. How much evil are really is still on the air. Another main difference is, while in Albedo the main cast were put in a very different place of the universe by the Creators, in Extinctioners the whole setting is in a renamed Earth instead.