!!Overall Tropes:

* EvilIsSexy: Lilith.

!!Tropes Before the GenreShift:

* BigLippedAlligatorMoment: Homoerotic Disco Werewolf Sex.
* PeripheryDemographic: If you ever actually roleplayed on the AOL chat rooms, this comic will hold a special appeal for you.

!!Tropes After the GenreShift:

* TheScrappy / CreatorsPet: It's a little hard to tell which Barbivine is. If she's a Scrappy, she's an intentional one as she treats everyone with disdain, deliberately pisses them off for her own enjoyment, and in generall is a complete {{Jerkass}}. On the other hand, arguing for her CreatorsPet status works too, since she seems to spout an AuthorFilibuster as often as she does insults.