YMMV / Elementals
aka: The Elementals

  • Nightmare Fuel: It's a horror comic at heart, despite all the superhero trappings, and as such it's often frightening.
    • Anyone who gets powers in this superhero universe has to die first in a painful or traumatic way, and will come back later with powers typically linked to the manner of their death. When this becomes common knowledge, Jeremy Skagg gets civilian volunteers through his televangelical ministry and has all of them tortured to death in elaborate, individual ways. He ends up with six superhumans out of a total of twelve hundred. He does this at the apparent behest of an beautiful, burning angel... who turns out to be Shapeshifter, who arranged the entire circus to create a counter for her own schemes against the Elementals, but mostly, for the sheer fun of it.
    • Shapeshifter's "death". Morningstar, who she'd lured into lowering her guard by posing as a man who eventually became her fiancÚ, melted her down into burning slag, and then, before Shapeshifter's healing could kick in, filled a metal canister with the remains and proceeded to weld it shut.

Alternative Title(s): The Elementals