YMMV / Elemental Sentai Kodenranger

  • Designated Villain: The only reason Kai is a villain in the remake at all is because he's the only one around to take the spot of the Big Bad, which isn't so off since he started out being the Big Bad in the original fic, only to be revealed to just be a dragon.
    • The funny thing is, no one paints him as a villain, it's just him who constantly claims to be a villain. He's not off though, he did at one point seem like he wanted to kill Lee. Except that Lee survives, though if it's not known if it's either Lee being Made of Iron or Kai holding back.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Ryuuji's a parody of one, but that doesn't seem to stop him from being one to the author at the very least. Ryuuji's starred in two spinoffs so far and Ryuuji unlike the other characters, didn't get Out of Focus that much in the original fic. He even makes an appearance at the very beginning of the remake! Although said appearance is a Tear Jerker flashback. Heck, he might be one to the readers of Redryuranger11 fics since there might be no one who has not heard of Ryuuji Hinote.
    • Rai appears a lot in other fics by the author. Most notably in Kurayami Sentai Kageranger in which he serves as a 'rival' to one of the characters, and Radiant Sentai Seinaranger, in which he gets into a fight with The Hero. He's also the love interest to whom seems like the main female in that story. He's also the star of Uncle Gaoranger.
    • In reality, KODENBLACK. Seriously, for whatever reason, there are messages talking about Kodenblack to the author asking just about this ranger. One guy even asked if he could merge Kodenblack with Kai as a character for a Power Rangers fic that he wanted to write. The author declined.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: FINAL WAVE!
  • The Scrappy: Sheesh, with the way the Author treats Ryu, you'd think a whole entire hatedom exists.
    • In Reality, Kousuke from the Original Fic.
    • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Which is odd with the Author since he's working hard in improving Ryu yet he voices his hate every chance he gets . . . is the author bipolar or something?
    • The author stated that he worked hard on the Ryu character but in the end, the fact that Ryu turned out to be a Mary Sue, something that he wanted to avoid, caused him to have a real life BSOD.
    • Kousuke's getting rescued from the scrappy heap with how the remake uses him.
  • What an Idiot!: Hello, the guy right next to you looks just like you, and he's from the past. It's not like he's your father or something because you know that would be so completely out there in the ballpark.
    • The remake has Ryu mention that he knows his parents names already, so that probably means he's less of a moron and will probably be too once he meets Ryuuji . . . if Ryuuji ever appears.
    • Averted Trope: Actually, the Ryu in mention isn't even Ryuuji's son in the first place. The Ryu that Ryuuji met in First Strike is actually a clone of the Real Ryu.