YMMV / Dragons: Fire & Ice

  • Complete Monster: The immortal wizard Xenoz was once the ambassador between the peaceful Dragons and the war-mongering human kingdoms of Draigar and Norvagen. However, his lust for power drove him to murder the Dragon Queen and steal her Ice Crystal. When the Dragon King Thoron attempted to murder him for this betrayal, Xenoz was scarred by Thoron's fire, and as such, developed a seething hatred for all of Dragon kind, and sought to annihilate the entire species through any means possible. Using his position, Xenoz ensures the war between Draigar and Norvagen continues for centuries to follow, framing each kingdom for the deaths of the other's Dragons, when in reality, Xenoz himself was hunting down and murdering them one by one, then feeding their remains to his army of monstrous Vorgans. After painfully tearing the power of an amazing Dragon crystal out of Prince Dev and Princess Kyra, Xenoz kicks his own second-in-command to his death, before opening a portal to Dragon World, where he plans to unleash the power of all his magic at once in hopes of wiping out all Dragons. Defined by his disproportionate hatred and lust for power, Xenoz cared for nothing and no one but himself and his own pride, and would kill anyone who jeopardized either of them.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • The moment when Thoron discovered the frozen remains of his beloved wife.
    Thoron: My Queen...