YMMV / Diabolo

  • Complete Monster: Nebiros is known as the most cruel and twisted of Diabolo's generals. The leader of the Six Great Spirits of darkness, Nebiros has no compunction sacrificing them to meet his goals. When he manifests on earth, he happily tortures a church full of his own worshipers to death with a Slasher Smile on his face. When his survival while inhabiting the hero Rai is threatened, Nebiros tries to break free and possess Rai's friend Ren, to erase Ren and inhabit his body as a shell.
  • Ho Yay: OR, they could be this.
  • The Woobie: A number of the cast to varying to degrees, but Tsukiko especially. Her father succeeded in a family suicide which left her as the only survivor and she was sent to her uncle's house, where she is raped repeatedly. Eventually she leaves him and finds another place to live, but the situation isn't much better. It is heavily implied she is raped regularly by random strangers and accepts all this abuse as penance for her father's sins.