YMMV / Destructive Harmonics

Yanang Bai (rhythm guitar)

  • Critical Research Failure: she can be ill-informed even compared to her bandmates about issues outside her areas of interest - for instance, her belief that mistletoe was a myth and that burqas are commonly worn in Turkey.
  • Les Yay
  • Moe: Violet. She's actually rather ambivalent about it.
  • Tastes Like Diabetes: according to Yanang, Violet can fall into this without even trying.
    "Dear god, this is so sickeningly cute that I can feel my pancreas trying to crawl up my spine so that it can rip out my optic nerves in self-defense."
  • This Is Your Premise on Drugs: Metalocalypse on estrogen and fruity girly drinks.
  • Ugly Cute: the Malagasy Death Rat Lemur, "the world's ugliest prosimian," an Endangered Species that Maenad unintentionally discovers. They look like a cross between opossums and Devon Rex cats and have long knobbly fingers and mildly venomous saliva, but are actually very intelligent and playful.
    • ET, Valerian's mutant kitten.