YMMV / Demon of Justice

  • High Octane Nightmare Fuel - Plenty.
    • Alone in the void. Not space, but the nonplace between existence, eternally drifting further and further away from your only point of refrence, slowly going mad.
    • The Feast of Sharing. The church of Sharna tortures a person to death, over the course of several days, Sharna eats the person's soul, his followers eat the body.
    • Thinking in the space between miliseconds, hearing a machine count time. Like Chinese water torture without going mad—because you are becoming one with the machine, part of it's data banks, part of it. And a machine has no self will.
  • Shipping - Played with. It's 3x4 and 1x2, which are the popular fanon couples. However, Wufei was highly attracted to Duo, and Duo reciprocated somewhat, but was in love with Heero.
  • Big Name Fans - Both Mel and Christy used to be, and the fans of the work also include a number of BN Fs.
  • Never Live It Down - Krashnark wants Wufei to be his champion, he is paying way too much attention to him. It's joked that they are going to have to question his intentions towards Wufei.
    • Discussed for Arwen, who once summoned his axe, something only some champions can do, to impress some girls.