YMMV / Dead Space: Martyr

  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Michael Altman believes the ghosts of the dead are the Marker communicating using the memories of the living. However, the ghosts are constantly talking about how they should leave the Marker alone and sabotaging the efforts to claim it. In this version of the book, it's entirely possible they're actually the dead trying to stop the Marker from destroying humanity.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Markoff and Stevens killing Michael Altman. Specifically, they capture him, lock him up in solitary confinement until he's completely insane from Marker-related visions, give him a Breaking Speech about how everything he's done has only helped their plans, then dump him in a room with a Necromorph which kills him.
  • The Woobie: Michael Altman is an ordinary agnostic archaelogist who loves his girlfriend and ends up getting his life ruined then ended by a corporate then government conspiracy as well as a cult of wackjobs.