YMMV / Dead Nation

  • Demonic Spiders: Cutters. They appear mixed in with swarms of regular zombies and can take tons of punishment, up to requiring an entire clip of direct hits with the rocket launcher on Undead to kill. To make matter worse, they can one-shot you on Grim if you took any prior damage even if you have good armor and will one-shot you on Morbid and Undead, regardless of health and armor. Like the Jumper, they also ignore any potential distractions, instead focusing on rushing you and cutting you to bits.
  • Goddamn Bats: The trash mobs summoned by Mouths. They can be killed by any hit, including a completely un-upgraded SMG shot. However, they don't give any money or multiplier orbs and come in swarms.
  • Good Bad Bugs: The Playstation 3 version has one where if you reload and switch to another weapon before the reload animation is complete, the weapon will be reloaded instantly. Fixed in the Vita edition, however.
    • The Vita has its own instant reload in the form of dashing. If you dash while the reload animation is going on, the weapon will immediately be reloaded once the dash begins.
  • Japanese Love Dead Nation: Judging by the fact they are beating everyone in total "virus cycles" completed.
    • These days it's France.
  • Narm: The dialogue. All of it.
  • Nintendo Hard: Even on the easier settings the game can pack quite a challenge and on higher difficulty levels it becomes just plain sadistic.