YMMV / Dark Future

  • Crack Is Cheaper: Surprisingly averted for a Games Workshop game, as the scale was chosen specifically so that players could buy Matchbox or Hot Wheels style cars and then add on guns and bits - though sprues of said guns and bits were, of course, sold by GW.
  • Tear Jerker: When Dr. Threadneedle dies in Dead Rat, he and Krokodil exchange a final farewell as he councils her against losing her humanity and staying in touch with her emotions.
    Threadneedle "You're crying, that's good."
    Jessamyn put a hand to her face. There was moisture around the optic. "Biofluid."
    Threadneedle "No, I gave you back your tearducts when I put the new model in...Let this be a lesson to you...You are not invincible. Goodbye, Jessamyn."