YMMV / Dan in Real Life

  • Heartwarming Moments: Dan and Marie get together and there's a lovely wedding! Dan allows Cara and Marty to date after all! Even Mitch finds someone! Happiness all around.
  • They All Really Can Act: One of the film's biggest praises has been just how genuine the familial atmosphere between all of the main characters is. The actors actually lived in the house where it's set for a month before filming, and it clearly shows! This is notably the only performance Dane Cook has given which has received any positive feedback.
  • The Woobie: Dan. He has to stay in the "special room" (the noisy and cramped laundry room) where he can't get any sleep, he has to do the dishes to make up for his behavior during dinner, he has to carry everyone's life jackets when the family prepares to go canoeing...and those are just the physical sufferings.