YMMV / Cyborg

The 1989 Film

  • Complete Monster: Fender Tremolo makes the most of a world After the End where he can do what he wants. The leader of a group of vicious marauders called The Pirates, Fender seems to want nothing so much as to wipe out every survivor he can. Fender murdered the girlfriend of The Hero Gibson and her son, kidnapping her daughter as a pet and servant. He murders nearly everyone he comes across and takes special delight in tormenting Gibson himself. When he finally captures Gibson, he crucifies him on a mast. While he wants to cure himself of the plague that's infected so many, Fender has no compunction slaughtering everyone else and scenes set before show he was just as evil before the widespread plague hit: he just needed something to set him loose.
  • Narm: Some of the dialogue is mind blowing. And the studio cut significantly toned it down from the director's version, where Fender seems to be a full blown Antichrist with a Religion of Evil.
    • Cyborg 3's subtitle: The Recycler.

The Comic

  • Replacement Scrappy: (After the New 52) While Cyborg is by no means hated in general, many preferred him as a member of the Teen Titans, and would rather have Martian Manhunter stay as a member of the Big 7.