YMMV / Crossing Jordan

  • Critical Research Failure: One episode had a murderer using a special round to kill police officers through their vests. It was supposedly a 9mm .30-'06 bullet, despite the 30-'06 round having a diameter of 7.62mm. Also, the supposed "armor-piercing" round was unnecessary, as any rifle round ever made will ignore soft body armor.
    • In another episode, a character is found to be using a drug (ephedrine) which they refer to as a performance enhancer (it isn't).
  • Die for Our Ship: J.D. Pollack, Lu Simmons.
  • Foe Yay: Between Jordan and a female serial killer in one episode.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: In one of the early episodes, Macy and his daughter are trying to have a heart to heart talk, with his daughter asking if he has cancer, and Macy denying it. Miguel Ferrer, the actor who played Garret Macy, died of throat cancer.
  • Tear Jerker: It's a show that takes place in the city morgue, dealing with loss and death. Many tears will be jerked.
    • "One-Twelve," a second season episode, had a few moments. From Lily breaking down after hearing hundreds of family testimonials about their lost loved ones, all killed in a terrorist bombing, and running to the crypt to cry, to Jordan holding the hand of the bomber, who had lost his daughters to a corporation's apathy and his wife to suicide, as he slowly dies, buried in rubble, to Garrett finally finding the one and only survivor to the bombing, who is dazed and concussed from the explosion and doesn't even know that hundreds of his coworkers are dead.
    • A fugitive from England comes searching for his estranged son; Nigel and Lily learn the boy came to America, lived on the streets, and died, his body being given to a medical school as a practice cadaver and then accidentally cremated. Due to a misunderstanding, the father believes his son had gotten into medical school and was becoming a doctor, or from his perspective, making something of himself where the father himself had failed. Nigel and Lily let him believe his son was a medical student, and the father happily turns himself into the police for his crimes.