YMMV / Cranes

  • Fridge Logic: If Wonder Girl Red is the clone of Wonder Woman, why is she blonde? Was she cross-cloned like Superboy?
  • Fridge Horror: M'gann was 12 earth years old when she killed for the first time; that means that she was 6 years old when she got her first kill, and it's implied that she's killed others.
  • One-Scene Wonder: Blue Beetle and the Green Lanterns
  • The Woobie: Billy Batson
  • Nightmare Fuel: Ahem. The boy's grandmother died of sheer meanness. M'gann's early life, and the repercussions on her psyche. Shiv's... Shiv-ness.
    • Think too hard about some of the minor details in this story, and you'll scare yourself for days.