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!![[VideoGame/CommandAndConquerTiberiumWars Tiberium Wars]]:

* AwesomeMoments: The Avatar, who speaks everything in a full-deadpan, evil DangerDeadpan-type voice.
--> "Under control."
--> "I like."
--> "I want that."
--> "Pay up."
--> "To dust."
* BaseBreaker: The game itself to the fanbase, with half of it hating it for the changes and the other love praising it for them. It's story also divisive, with changes to Nod and Kane's characterization and Kane's plan itself being divisive between people that consider whether or it makes sense.
* FridgeLogic: Kane says his earlier wars were waged with the intent of weakening GDI, yet given that GDI managed to go from a multinational task force to the actual government in the countries it used to work for, his actions seem to have had the opposite effect.
* MoralEventHorizon: Kane's deliberating arranging for the destruction of Eastern Europe as part of his plan. Even followers in game question it.
** Director Boyle's decision to fire the Ion Cannon over General Granger's objection is this as well. He isn't questioning the legitimacy of Granger's concerns; he just doesn't care.
* RetroactiveRecognition: If you don't recognize Grace Park, who plays Sandra Telfair, from ''Series/BattlestarGalacticaReimagined'', you probably recognize her as Kono from ''Series/HawaiiFive0''.
* TearJerker: In the cutscene that plays when starting Act IV of the Nod Campaign, it's hard not to feel some sympathy for the Nod-affiliated field journalist in the news video. Watching his people faced with impossible odds, believing that all is lost, and spending his dying moments reciting a Nod prayer before GDI fires the ion cannon...
* ThatOneLevel: Nod's final mission, named Kane's Tower, requires the player to defend three Scrin Phase Generators from GDI, which sounds simple enough, until you realize that 1. the Scrin are hostile to you, making protecting them difficult, but they're also nowhere near powerful enough to stop GDI. 2. You start out with one medium sized base at tier 2, GDI starts with two tier 3 bases, one of which is larger then yours, and the other much larger. 3. GDI will happily build not one, but two Ion Cannons before you can even begin construction of your own Nuke. 4.GDI starts with a fully functional small airbase, which will bomb the Scrin to the ground if not disposed of 5. Your two starting tiberium fields are both in harms way, one from the Scrin, the other being the main avenue on GDI's attacks on your own base. 6. GDI is shelling the structures you're supposed to protect from the second the mission starts with [[TheComputerIsACheatingBastard unique artillery that out-ranges normal artillery by a factor of 5]]- captureable, sure, but only if you manage to get to it while simultaneously dealing with all the other difficulties at the same time with your very limited early game resources. Winning the mission often depends on luck more so then anything, as the GDI attacks on the Scrin vary in size, from manageable, to an armored column consisting of a dozen mammoth tanks supported by twice as many lighter vehicles and about as many infantry squads, as well as every single reinforcement support power in the GDI arsenal. Just to make things better, GDI's units instantly reach elite status, and gain heroic status in as few as a single kill. Losing (which will happen very often) will earn you a chewing out by Kane himself, despite the fact that his request to protect the Scrin structures is completely unreasonable.
** "A Grand Gesture" from Kane's Wrath also qualifies. You WILL be attacked within two minutes by swarms of GDI Vehicles and infantry. And they don't let up. Ever. It's also the first mission where you play as the Black Hand subfaction. Finally, good luck getting to those downed Purifiers. They make the mission a lot easier, but having one survive long enough to make the trip back to base for repairs is harder than it sounds.
* TheyChangedItNowItSucks: A lot of people were upset that most of the futuristic units like the walkers were replaced by more standard BoringButPractical units like tanks.