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YMMV: Collar 6
  • Arc Fatigue: Getting better with the move from 2 updates a week to 3, but the initial story-arc has taken over a year.
    • The second arc is considered worse, starting in March 2011 and set to end in January 2014 and burdened with heavy amounts of exposition. Even the author got sick of doing it.
  • Ass Pull: The initial appearance of the fantasy elements is regarded as this, since it showed up so suddenly. It did get a proper explanation after the arc had concluded.
  • Author's Saving Throw: Two months of dialogue as the characters realized that their behavior had been unacceptable.
    • Brought up again recently — it turns out the unacceptable behavior by Sixx (giving Laura an aphrodisiac without permission or warning, forcing Ginger into an uncomfortable situation, etc) was partly an attempt to test Laura's superhuman abilities and partly letting her emotions override her normal sense of judgement.
  • Broken Base: Not rabidly so, but there are some people in the forums venting their dislike of certain developments. Common grumblings are when the BDSM parts fade out for a long while or the general pacing.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Epic Moustache & Hat Man, who has made only a single appearance. Mr. Black is heading in this direction too.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Sixx appears to be Genre Savvy enough to expect this. When searching for Micheal Kappel, a name that Butterfly randomly dropped before making her exit at the spank-off she concluded that no unattractive person of that name could possibly be who they were looking for.
  • Fan Nickname: Epic Moustache & Hat Man.
  • God-Mode Sue: While there has been positive fan reaction to Stella and Claire, they were initially heading in this direction. They are so good as maids that they could dress Sixx (a job that took Ginger 10 minutes after years of practice) before she even realized it. They even acknowledged/lampshaded that what they had just done was HUMANLY IMPOSSIBLE! Later, they just hung out and showed up as appropriate.
  • Heartwarming Moments: Laura insisting that Ginger be accepted by Sixx as Laura's fellow personal slave.
    • Also, the two instances when Laura's belief in Sixx's love wavers and is promptly reaffirmed by her.
    • Strip 100, with the moment of collaring, is also rather sweet.
  • Misaimed Fandom: Butterfly, despite the fact she is clearly the villain and not merely the antagonist — and is edging ever-closer to the Moral Event Horizon.
    • Some fans in the forums jokingly suggested that they'd like to find out if their local airport has regular flights to Sybion...
  • Nightmare Fuel: The Judiciatrix.
  • One True Threesome: To a degree this was a possibility from the beginning, as Laura and Sixx were in a polyamorous relationship, but it became true when Laura insisted that Ginger share the position of personal slave. However, Sixx makes it clear she does not share Ginger's romantic interest.
  • The Woobie: Both of Butterfly's slave girls, due to their horrible backstories.

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