YMMV / Cold Mountain

  • Complete Monster: Captain Teague is a vicious, opportunistic man who uses the war as an excuse to take the Home Guard in the town of Cold Mountain, formed to defend the people from the war, and turn the group into a marauding band of villains. Under Teague, the Home Guard relentlessly pursue and kill "deserters" and anyone suspected of harboring them, while Teague confiscates their properties for his own. In one instance, Teague has the family patriarch murdered and the wife tortured to lure out her sons before gunning them down. Later, Teague executes a man, who is clearly mentally handicapped, even though he was clearly enjoying his music, and then shoots the man's partner in the back before abducting and torturing the final musician so he'll have an excuse to steal the property of Ada, and take revenge on Ada for rejecting his advances.
  • Memetic Mutation: On The Late Show with David Letterman, shortly after the film's release, David Letterman would frequently play audio clips of Renee Zellweger saying "If you need help, here I am," and "There ain't no man better'n me," from the movie, completely without context.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Charlie Hunnam, who plays the minor but notable role of Bosie, was a few years away from breaking into the mainstream in Sons of Anarchy.
  • Tear Jerker: Probably easier to make a list of moments that were Heartwarming. What do you expect? It's set during the American Civil War.