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YMMV: Chunin Exam Day
  • Crosses the Line Twice: Many cruel jokes become even funnier because they are being repeated again and again, with increasing levels of ridiculousness (like Sasuke being gelded and blinded by Gaara, with increasing amount of female Naruto clones cheering on him each time, while real Naruto makes even better picnic for Kankuro and Temari each time, or Hinata sealing the whole main family with caged bird seals).
    • It also crosses the line thrice in one case, with jokes on Sakura becoming funny, and then sad again when you start feeling sorry for her.
  • God-Mode Sue: Given that he can both use shadow clones and is stuck in an infinite loop, this quickly becomes apparent.
    • Also, given the author...
  • Ron the Death Eater: Team 7 in spades. The worst offenders are Kakashi killing Naruto for embarrassing Sasuke, Ino getting into Sasuke's mind and finding out he has no redeeming qualities at all and Sakura (before her "redemption") agreeing with whatever Sasuke does or says and being an extraordinary bitch to Naruto.
    • The Sharingan itself is apparently malevolent. When Naruto uses it and looks at something to complicated for the Sharingan to decipher, it hijacks the rest of his brain in an attempt to understand.
  • Strawman Has a Point: When Naruto insists he's not interested in Sakura anymore, he claims that if she was genuinely interested in him she would have accepted one of his date offers. The problem is, by his count Naruto asked her out thousands of times over four years. Even if Sakura had thought of him as a friend, being asked on a date multiple times a day (on average) doesn't mean he's persistant or genuine about his feelings. It means Sakura needed a restraining order against him.
  • Unfortunate Implications: You have to really wonder what the author thinks of women, given the adoring harem and the vilification and "redemption" of Sakura.
    • To clarify on Sakura's "redemption", she spends several loops (likely several years worth) trying to redeem herself to Naruto and his harem. Besides working to the bone for no reward, she even offers herself to Naruto as a sex-slave if he'd just acknowledge her again. Hinata's argument against Sakura basically amounts to "she's a petty bitch who ignored how great Naruto is." (Which falls rather flat when the reader remembers that 1) Sakura is twelve. 2) Naruto has been a rather annoying brat most of the time Sakura's known him.) Sakura is finally "redeemed" when she begs Naruto to not bring her into the next loop (functionally killing her) because she just can't stand the loneliness anymore. Apparently, being driven to suicide counts as "putting others before yourself".

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