YMMV / Chuck Palahniuk

  • Adaptation Displacement: Many fans of Fight Club have never even heard of the book it was based on. Even Chuck prefers the movie, particularly its ending.
  • Crowning Moment Of Heart Warming: Romance. True, it still has that Palahniuk charm like the *ahem*, "puppet show", it surprisingly has a genuinely touching relationship between the narrator and Brit.
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: A common complaint of most of his work.
  • Ho Yay: Male-Male friendships are often center stage, and in several works there's a level of sexual tension that's very hard to debate. Chalk it up to the fact that until fairly recently Palahniuk was not publicly out. He is now out, but does not tend to publicly discuss his sexuality, possibly to avoid making it an issue with his fanbase.
  • Squick: Rant's protagonist ends up slipping out of the time-stream, becoming his own foster father, then slipping further and becoming a Historian. He then proceeds to become every single male in his genetic line.
    • Haunted 2005 contains, among other lovely things, the very detailed and extended description of the rotting of a corpse.
    • In Pygmy the main character for whom the book is named anally rapes his foster brother's bully.
      • But it goes a step further when the Bully discovers his repressed homosexuality. Pygmy insists it is just Stockholm Syndrome, and that he has no feelings for the bully. Distraught, he engages in a school shooting at the Model U.N
    • The short story "Guts." There just isn't enough Brain Bleach.
      • Really, "Guts" might not be the worst one out of Haunted.
    • The end of Snuff is pretty nasty too.
      • Details: Porn star attempts to go Out with a Bang during a record-breaking gang-bang; nearly succeeds. Paramedics are present, defibrillator is used; porn star and ex-lover wind up electrically soldered together mid-coitus.
  • Tough Act to Follow: You'll notice that rather a lot of the reviews printed on the covers of his books will say things like "His best book since Fight Club" or whatever.