YMMV / Chaos Rings II

  • Complete Monster: Amon, "the Creator", also known as Bachs, is the mastermind of the entire game, and easily the worst entity in the entire franchise. An ancient being kept powerful by the belief of others, Amon once survived by constantly dueling his counterpart Neron; however, after finally defeating Neron, Amon concocts a new scheme to keep himself immortal and all-powerful forever. Sealing Neron away in a prison for thousands of years, Amon uses Neron's power to create humanity on a planet he called Earth, and basked in the worship they gave him as their "Creator". Amon, realizing that every few centuries humanity starts to lose faith in him, creates a new system he calls the Rite of Resealment. Slaughtering one third of humanity, Amon chooses half a dozen humans and lies that Neron is responsible for the slaughter and will wipe out all of humanity, manipulating the group of humans into believing that whichever one he selects to be the Chosen One will have to kill the other five to save humanity. Once this is done, Amon brainwashes the Chosen One, uses his Horsemen of the Apocalypse to "cleanse" humanity of nearly the entire population, then uses the brainwashed Chosen One to blame Neron for the event and sing Amon's praises, restoring the faith in him and his power. Amon commits this same atrocity well over one thousand times, and plans to continue it for all eternity to satisfy his god complex. Perhaps the worst factor of all, Amon specifically chooses the Chosen One's loved ones as the sacrifices to be killed, taking sadistic pleasure in forcing the current Chosen One to kill their friends, lovers, and children.
  • That One Boss:
    • Conquest. He attacks twice per round, can change his element frequently, even twice in the same turn, and can seal any of your battle options.
    • Famine. She's one of the few bosses who attack your mana, and can actively change your own element to Aqua.
    • Death. He carries both an HP to 1 attack and a powerful attack with a good chance of instantly inflicting, well, death. This is compounded by the fact that your first battle with him is one of the few times you don't control Darwin, who is your most versatile character.
    • To make things even tougher, Famine and Death are fought as a Dual Boss in Abbadon.