YMMV / Cannibal Ferox

  • Complete Monster: Mike Logan is an unstable and sadistic drug dealer who fled the city after stealing $100,000 dollars from the mafia. When introduced to Gloria, Rudy and Pat, Mike tells of how he and his partner wounded Joe where attacked by the natives while looking for emeralds. In addition to repeated attempts to leave Joe to die, Mike seduces the naive Pat with drugs and encourages her to torture a young native girl, before eventually shooting said girl. Joe soon reveals that during the hunt for emeralds, Mike took the tribe hostage, torturing their guide—including castrating him and cutting out one of his eyes, as well as killing one of his hostages, and natives are hunting them down in retaliation. Mike later leaves Joe behind to die and steals the group's map and money. When the natives capture them, during Mike's final escape attempt, Mike cuts a rope that Gloria and Pat where trying to climb to leave them to their fates.
  • Ear Worm: The theme.
  • Squick: Beyond the de-balling and breast-impalement; a man gets tied under a table with the top of his head sticking through a hole in the top of it. His scalp gets hacked off with a machete and his brains are eaten.