YMMV / Candorville

  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: One of Clyde's more reprehensible schemes was to sell fake Botox with which to "take ten years off" one's life(span). Several months later, several women died from fake Botox injections.
  • Never Live It Down: During a Ripped from the Headlines arc where Susan is complaining that she can't get birth control pills with her company health plan while the male employees can have as many vasectomies and as much Viagra as they wish (Dick Fink claims he's had multiple vasectomies and reverse-vasectomies since the age of three as he's popping Viagra like M&Ms), the Something Awful comics readers aren't letting anyone forget that the supposedly pro-feminist author once had author-avatar Lemont tease/order Susan to make him a sandwich by putting that strip after every new comic.
    • Putting words into real-life possible-Vigilante Execution victim Trayvon Martin's mouth and making him sound like an ignorant thug even if he only meant to make him sound like a normal teen probably isn't going to win the author any points either.
  • What an Idiot!: After winning custody of Lionel, Lemont allows Roxanne to keep him "just one night" while he shops for baby furniture (he won Lionel, not Lionel's stuff). Critics are fairly certain that A) Roxanne is going to kidnap him and B) this is a way for the author not radically alter Lemont's life and have to draw a new character. Amazingly the critics were wrong: Roxanne gives Lionel to Lemont and they're living together.