YMMV: Cadance Of Cloudsdale

  • Tear Jerker: Princess Ladybird's Death by Childbirth. Ladybird lived a long life of suffering from her love, but has had her kingdom brought to ruin and her death rapidly approaching, finally giving in to despair as her closest friend desperately tries to reignite hope in her. Finally, she ends up giving birth to her daughter, never being able to see the mare she'll grow into, and her legacy and her empire lost to time. Auric Turncoat gets it as well, losing his only friend who understands his situation and blaming himself for his death. He's literally bawling as he sadly asks to see Cadance, all that is left of Ladybird.
  • The Woobie:
    • Princess Ladybird, having lost everything from the simple act of trying to love another pony, and finally dies a sad death.
    • Auric Turncoat, though he's more of a Jerkass Woobie who's grown very cynical after such a long life.