* ChaoticNeutral: Dryst, who is extremely unpredictable, and while his selfishness makes the people of Iscalio suffer, [[EvenEvilHasStandards he can't stand people like Bulnoil]].
* CrazyAwesome: Dryst again
%%* SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome: the Vaynard + Brangien vs Cador (+ Bulnoil), especially in Grand Edition
%%* SugarWiki/FunnyMoments:
%%--> '''Dryst''': ''Don't tell me you ask for God's permission to go to the toilet!''
%%** The ending of Iscalio also counts
* CultClassic: The creator of this game has been out of business, but up to today, this game still have several dedicated fans still playing it and even went on to start a Kickstarter planning for its FanSequel.
* {{Expy}}: Dryst, as an axe-crazy magic-using OmnicidalManiac MonsterClown, is a dead ringer for Kefka from ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVI''.
* HoYay: Vaynard/Guinglain
* MagnificentBastard: Vaynard thinks his aide Guinglain is one
* TheWoobie: The Belferes twins Mira and Millet. Due to rumors, many knew and fear them as 'cursed twins' and drove them away from anywhere to go, only accepted in Esgares' Ranguinus' home as 'adopted children'. Their real parents have died and people blamed them for their deaths due to that rumor. In their special quest, they saved a village from a rampaging Salamander, and were accused as bringing the Salamander to wreck the village and knocked out without any wounds healed by the same villagers. They were only saved when a kind doctor that gives no crap about these rumors, Carmine, but then realized that because of the rumor, their nanny was also brutalized, causing them to think that it's their fault, and Mira broke down and wished they were never born, but thankfully, the nanny recovered and encouraged them further, [[CrowningMomentOfHeartwarming also resulting a tearfully sweet reunion]].