YMMV / Boy Meets Boy

  • Acceptable Targets: Harley's Jewish mother is not given a very flattering portrayal, as she is overly critical of her children to the point where neither of them want her as part of their lives by the end of the comic, leaving her out of major events in their life (a gay wedding and the birth of her first grandchild). Not to mention at the start of the comic, she only starts warming up to Harley's boyfriend once she finds out he's loaded.
  • Ass Pull: Aubrey's status as transgender. Way at the start of the comic Aubrey was introduced to reader's as Harley's best friend, but once Skids and Cy ended up getting more focus Aubrey was suddenly dropped from the comic with no explanation. He eventually just suddenly reappears and his disappearance was explained as him going through gender reassignment therapy, after which Aubrey was attached to Harley's sister, Aurora, to give him more of a presence in the comic.
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming: Aubrey, who is a Transgender, reveals to Aurora, Harley's sister, that he still hasn't completed going through the sex-change process, treating it as a shameful secret. Aurora, not skipping a beat, just flat out tells Aubrey that he's basically a guy (the gender he presents himself as) and treats it like it was nothing before going back to her own conversation.
  • Designated Monkey: Cyanide, whom the author made no secret about personally disliking by the end of the comic.
  • One True Pairing: Cy and Skids to pretty much every reader, except the author.
  • Ship Sinking: Between Cy and Skids, despite it being a Ship Tease for a long time in the comic. In the end, the two not only do not get together, but Word of God says they lose contact soon after the comic ends are not even friends anymore.
    • To a lesser extent Skids and Harley, although there was very little indication anything would have ever come from it anyway.
  • Squick: "Spontaneous Orgasm"? For heaven's sake, Cyanide! Nobody would have wanted to be on that particular road trip ...
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped:
    • Unrequited love is not always romantic or healthy, especially when the person you're pining over has no interest in you or is already in a stable relationship. The strip had quite a pile-up of unrequited attractions, of which none of them were treated as a good thing, nor do any of them get resolved by the person getting the guy they are lusting after.
    • Remaining part of an old clique of friends can keep you in a static position in life and force you to miss out on opportunities. Sometimes its best for everyone involved if you break it off with these friends. By the end of the comic, Harley, Skids, and Cy only start moving towards more healthy paths in life once they are forced to split up as a band and as friends.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: Skid's crush on Harley, and Cy's attraction to Skids, both unrequited and unrevealed throughout the total run of the comic. Could also come off as Arc Fatigue since both were Ship Teased for awhile and ultimately led absolutely no where.
  • Slash: Most fans like putting Cy/Skids together, to the point that the author got tired of people wanting her to rewrite the ending or writing a coda where Cy/Skids got together. And has threatened to have bad things happen if people don't drop it.