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YMMV: Booker T
"When I used to hear Booker T I thought five time champion, bookend, spinaroonie, scissor kick. But thanks to youtube..."
  • Pet the Dog: One of his first actions as the new Smackdown GM was to give Teddy Long (the longtime former GM who lost his job thanks to John Laurinaitis and had spent the last several months being humiliated by Laurinaitis and Eve) a position as his senior advisor.
  • So Bad, It's Good: Booker T on commentary is either this or just bad. Either way, there is no way to honestly say he's a good commentator, but can be entertaining.
  • Win the Crowd: Like Rey Mysterio Jr, Booker had a lot going against him going into the WWE since he was not a "WWF born Wrestler." He finally got his Main Event push in 2006.

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