YMMV: Blade Kitten

  • Les Yay: Gattling has a crush on Alamo and is all but giddy when Alamo gives her a kiss on the cheek. Too bad it was an android disguised as Alamo that kissed her.
  • Mary Sue: Kit, in the comic, to an almost offensive degree. In the game, she's just sort of a ditz. But, in the source material, come on...last survivor of an alien race, wiped out by another (supposedly extinct) alien race? Defeats most enemies without trying? Joking constantly but not actually that funny? Pink catgirl? Friend to all living things? Not to mention she is supposedly the best bounty hunter/breaker in the realm...at 22? Classic Mary Sue.
    • Later pages have shown her as being more fallible.
    • She is not the last of her race, there's just not many of them left.