YMMV / Black Veil Brides

  • Acceptable Targets: At the moment, they're the metal fandom's favorite target band-wise, and probably will be for quite some time.
  • Archive Panic: Subverted; their catalog of music isn't that large, but their debut was released in 2010 and they already have a fourth album coming out, so for a rather new band, they're pretty prolific.
  • Critical Dissonance: Lots of metalheads really dislike the band for their formulaic songwriting style, not to mention their (to some) cringeworthy image and obnoxious fan base; because of this, expect to see a slew of hate comments whenever they're covered on a website. Critics and metal musicians, on the other hand, tend to appreciate them a little bit more.
  • Dork Age: Both critics and fans alike think BVB IV was mediocre, and debates rage on about whether Wretched and Divine was any good or not. Not helped by them dropping their individual member looks around this time in favor of "5 people in leather jackets", and both the videos for IV looking like they had a limited budget.
  • Dude Looks Like a Lady: Ashley Purdy during the first two albums. The name REALLY doesn't help.
  • Face of the Band: Andy Biersack; There are people who don't even like Black Veil Brides, who appreciate Andy due to the fact that he knows his music, worships punk revival bands like Social Distortion and Alkaline Trio, and has a more snarky, self aware persona in interviews than would be suggested on record.
  • Fandom Rivalry: The BVB Army vs the Violet Prisoners.
  • Ho Yay: All of them, but especially Andy and Ashley.
  • Love It or Hate It: Depending on who you ask, they're either one of the greatest new bands out there in the rock/metal scene, or a shallow disgrace to their genre. Their haters are a LOT more vocal than their fans save for the diehard ones.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Some of the bands' haters grudgingly admitted that their self-titled fourth album wasn't that bad.
  • Signature Song: Either "Knives and Pens", "Fallen Angels", or In the End.
  • They Copied It, So It Sucks: "Knives And Pens" to "Unholy Confessions". A lot of their earlier songs sound similar to Ax7, this was the most blatant example.