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* {{Anvilicious}}: Charlie Brooker's never been one for subtlety, but this is extreme even by his standards. However, that's not to say that [[TropesAreTools you can't enjoy the episodes despite that.]]
* AscendedFridgeHorror: The whole point of the series is to apply this trope to technological possibilities.
* DarknessInducedAudienceApathy: Nothing will ever turn out well for anyone, so why bother?
** This came into play in an interesting manner after the release of Season 3, regarding San Junipero, a BreatherEpisode between two extremely dark episodes. Though it was critically acclaimed, it wasn't immune to criticism from fans who found it [[TastesLikeDiabetes too saccharine]] to fit the rest of the show. The episode still had some depressing moments, but it goes to show that the fact it wasn't dark ''enough'' made it less popular among some fans.
* GermansLoveDavidHasselhoff: The show has a pretty big following in China, where the series has been subject to rave reviews, including the claim that it's "better than a masterpiece".
** It's also apparently quite popular in Hollywood.
* MemeticMutation:
** In Brazil, "Isso é tão Black Mirror" ("This is so Black Mirror"), said in reaction to a strange or surreal event.
*** Similarly, "This episode of Black Mirror sucks" in English speaking online circles when something in real life seems dystopian.
** The "just like Black Mirror" meme in the UK (typically used in the same vein as "[[Literature/NineteenEightyFour 1984]] was not an instruction manual") took on a very meta meaning in the wake of "[=PigGate=]" - an event that bore striking resemblance to the very first episode of the show - leading to Charlie Brooker himself using a version of the meme on Twitter.
* RetroactiveRecognition: Jem (Tuppence Middleton) from "White Bear" is known best as Riley in ''Series/Sense8'', while Selma (Creator/HannahJohnKamen) from "Fifteen Million Merits" is Dutch in ''Series/{{Killjoys}}".
* UncannyValley: A big part of how the series gets its creepy, unsettling vibe.
** Many of the episodes are set in a reality very similar to our own, many featuring technology that is about TwentyMinutesIntoTheFuture, while others (most prominently "The National Anthem") is based on the use of technology that is already available in the present. That's the main source of FridgeHorror.
** It's probably intentional, but in "The Waldo Moment" for all that Waldo is clearly an exaggerated blue cartoon bear, he's still ''incredibly'' creepy to look at and listen to. [[spoiler: And that's even before he becomes the symbolic figurehead for what's hinted to be a covert global fascist / authoritarian movement.]]
** The [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iHgEJeINo-Y second series trailer]] starts off as a parody of iPhone / iPad-style commercials, but even before the 'gritty' imagery starts being threaded through, the fake and hollow StepfordSmiler nature of the shiny happy people using the technology is increasingly creepy enough by itself. There's also a computer generated voice that is modified to sound almost, but not quite, like a man's voice, making the repeated mantra of '[Something] more' delivered in a blandly emotionless voice gradually unsettling.