* AlternativeCharacterInterpretation: Axel is a ManipulativeBastard and his various {{Bavarian Fire Drill}}s on people with something he needs or wants are downright exploitative (he threatens to call a hotel racist in order to get a room without a reservation, then makes them give him a discounted rate. In the sequel, he steals a ''house'' undergoing renovation) and conducts illegal searches. Were it not for the much worse villains, he would easily be a VillainProtagonist.
* EarWorm: You've heard the theme song.
** Or, if you live in Europe, [[FromBadToWorse WORSE]]. There was the time when a certain ringtone company decided to use the song to promote a certain HalfDressedCartoonAnimal ([[DontExplainTheJoke Alright]], [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crazy_frog THIS ONE]], [[SchmuckBait if you must]]), thus ruining the original version and making it virtually impossible for fans of the original song to hum the original in public without some cretin blathering "[[MostAnnoyingSound DING! DING!]]" between the melody lines. Be THANKFUL it was hardly a success in the US.
* EnsembleDarkhorse: [[DaChief Inspector Todd]]. The guy playing him really was a cop in Detroit, so he knew the role he was going into perfectly and absolutely nails it. One of the third film's [[{{Sequelitis}} many problems]] was that they DroppedABridgeOnHim.
* MemeticMutation:
*** NO, I CANNOT!!
%%* OneSceneWonder: Serge.
* RetroactiveRecognition: Axel's friend is killed by [[Series/BreakingBad Mike Ehrmantraut]]. How appropriate.
* ValuesDissonance: After a few decades of LGBT civil rights progress, Axel's mincing imitation of a gay man in the first movie appears more uncomfortable than funny to many people.