YMMV / Before the Fall

  • Fridge Horror: As is written in the Nouveau Riche entry of the main page a hint of the Steiners' recent wealth is their Big Fancy House which Albrecht states was requisitioned already furnished. One wonders from what kind of family his father would requisitioned that home...
  • Ho Yay: To the point where you'll occasionally find the film shelved as a gay interest movie. Some of the cover art on various DVD editions doesn't help.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Seems that Friedhelm Winter has been educated in a NaPolA while his friend Tom will be a cop instead of a boxer.
  • Tear Jerker: Most of the film but few moments deserve a mention:
    • Siggi sharing a look with Friedrich a moment before being blowed up by the grenade.
    • The entire sequence of Albrecht realizing that they've just killed a bunch of frightened child soldiers and tries to help the one who was dying for the injuries. The young soldiers takes his hand and whispers something in Russian, which Albrecht does not understand. The soldier said "Спасибо, товарищ." (Spasibo, tovarishch.) which means "Thank you, comrade."
    • Albrecht's suicide by drowning in the icy pond while Friedrich is staring helpless. His further reaction his heart-wrenching.