YMMV / Bandslam

  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Glory Dogs using "Phil's Song" at Bandslam. It's either a sneaky, underhanded move to get one over on Will or, as Charlotte theorises, it might be an honest mistake. It's shown that Ben genuinely does care for Charlotte and her family, and may have sung it as a tribute to Phil, not knowing I Can't Go On, I'll Go On were planning to use it as their song.
  • Awesome Moments: Karen calling out Charlotte for the moment below. It shows that she won't be Easily Forgiven for her little outburst, even if she regrets it. And it shows that Karen is very protective of her son.
  • Awesome Music:
    • "Phil's Song", the original song written by Charlotte for the band. It's beautiful to listen to, especially with Aly Michalka's voice complimenting the melody. Too bad Ben steals it at Bandslam.
    • The rendition of "Everything I Own". Vanessa Hudgens only sings once in the movie but damn does she make it memorable.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Will and Charlotte are the protagonists, yet critics agreed that Vanessa Hudgens was the most memorable cast member.
  • Heartwarming Moments: The finale. While I Can't Go On, I'll Go On don't win Bandslam, footage of their performance leaks out to the internet, where they steadily gain a big following. A following that eventually includes David Bowie, who immediately wants to sign the band to an indie label. (Crowning Cameo Of Heartwarming?)
  • Iron Woobie: Will once his backstory is revealed. His father is in prison for drunkenly killing a boy in a car accident. The locals tormented Will for this and that's where the nickname comes from.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Ben Wheatley spitefully digs up Will's old nickname in order to ruin his reputation at school, just out of petty jealousy. Even his friends call him out for his Jerkass behavior on that one.
  • She Really Can Act: Having been mostly known as "that chick from High School Musical, Vanessa Hudgens received great praise for her role.
  • Tear Jerker:
    • The scene with Charlotte and Will immediately after her father's death. It's gut-wrenching to hear her slip up and call Will... well, that.
    • Karen stops Charlotte from going backstage at Bandslam to call her out on her behaviour and calling Will "Dewey." It's a painful glimpse into how broken Karen really is over everything that's happened to her and her son.
    "Just give him a break. Not a lot of people have."
  • The Woobie: Charlotte becomes one in the last act. Her father dies of cancer and it's revealed that she's been trying to be a better person ever since he got sick - because she realised he didn't like who she was.