YMMV / Bamboozled

  • Anvilicious: Spike Lee isn't exactly known for subtlety, Bamboozled may be his biggest assault on discretion yet.
    • In the opening scene the film explains what satire is (because it is a satire, get it??) and doesn't go uphill from there.
    • A common criticism is that the Springtime for Hitler plot is played either too dark or too unambiguously awful to be believable, with one critic arguing "Imagine a verse in 'Springtime for Hitler' about being sent to gas chambers."note 
  • Ending Fatigue: By the final act, the film has descended into bizarre melodrama and rambling repetition of its scattershot messages.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • The film depicts what happens when blackface is brought into the modern age. Eight years later, Saturday Night Live managed to cast the not-at-all-black (but still mixed-race) Fred Arimsen as Barack Obama (until season 38, when they hired Jay Pharoah [a skinny, black guy] to play Obama, as Armisen was about to leave the show and they needed a replacement).
    • Dave Chappelle famously ended Chappelle's Show in part because he thought the show was descending into unironic minstrel humor, most infamously (and overtly) with the "black pixie" sketch.
    • In 2012, Billy Crystal appeared in blackface at the Academy Awards.
    • The film can also be seen as a precursor to a spat between Spike Lee and Tyler Perry in which the former accused the latter of producing Modern Minstrelsy.
    • Some YouTube/Twitter/Instagram/Vine comedians use blackface or act stereotypically "black" for humor.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The Roots appear as Mantan's house band. The producer must have recommended them to Jimmy Fallon.
  • He Really Can Act: Savion Glover not only gets to show off his legendary tapping abilities, but gives a thoroughly convincing performance as the angry, self-absorbed Manray.