YMMV / Azumi

  • Complete Monster: Bishamonten, named after the War God, is the leader of the "nobuseri," or masterless samurai-turned-bandits who have taken to preying on the populac. Occupying a post town, Bishamonten massacres whoever stands against him and makes the town his personal kingdom where women are regularly raped or kept as sex slaves for him and his men. One son of a former samurai, who attempts to kill Bishamonten for raping his sister, is easily disabled by Bishamonten, who then thanks the man for his sister's body before killing him and having his corpse defiled. Kidnapping high ranking officials in the province, Bishamonten uses them as hostages after slaughtering most of the province's military, and has said hostages dropped onto sharpened bamboo stakes later. When he captures Azumi's comrade, a transwoman named Kiku, upon discovering Kiku is biologically male, Bishamonten breaks his word to not harm Kiku by allowing one of his lieutenants, Seiryu, to rape and beat Kiku to death.