YMMV: Azealia Banks

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Is "Chasing Time" about getting out of a relationship that's going nowhere or is it about Azealia wanting to be free from her label who mismanaged her for so long and held her music in Development Hell?
  • Awesome Ego: She's well known for having a bit of an attitude and saying things that start feuds with other musicians but a lot of people like that about her.
    • Base Breaker: Her proclivity for starting fights is also this. Some fans love her for never being afraid to speak her mind and refusing to compromise or sugarcoat the message, others feel that this same tendency is immensely self-defeating (and annoying, to boot) and wish that she would spend more time focusing on her music and less time beefing with someone new every week, with her recent feud with Action Bronson in particular being treated as something that she really should have just let slide for once (not that he came off that much better once the action started).
  • Moral Event Horizon: To most people, Azealia's twitter-breakdown (about racism against blacks and how mistreated they are) where she went on about how she wants to bring discrimination back most certainly qualified, and has prompted more than a few people to believe Azealia Banks herself is racist against white people.
  • Nightmare Fuel: Yung Rapunxel
  • Signature Song; "212"