!![[Webcomic/AxeCop The Comic]]:
* AssPull: [[http://axecop.com/comic/axe-cop-presents-3/ The Secret Agent Brothers consistently use contrived solutions]] one after the other in their missions.
* BizarroEpisode: Subverted: [[http://axecop.com/comic/episode-24/ The return of Baby-Man came around with absolutely no context whatsoever]], (As the first comment on that page states, "[[FlatWhat wat]].") and was way over the top in its design, but it was eventually tied into the main storyline.
* BrokenBase: The big draw of the comic is that it's literally written by a five-year-old. Several years into the series' run, this was obviously no longer true. The fanbase is split on whether the older Malachai's writing (which includes an influence over the TV series) is better because he now has a grasp on story structure and morality, creating more interesting storylines, or worse because this comes at the expense of the story's [[CrazyAwesome utter insanity]].
* CrazyAwesome: ''MANY'' examples (see page image), including a T-Rex that breathes fire, has a "super duper fast bite", wears cop glasses, has "robot machine gun arms", and can fly into space, and can also transform into a dragon with rocket wings. Let's just say "the entire series" and call it a day.
* CrossesTheLineTwice: In a Halloween Ask Axe Cop, he is asked to design the scariest haunted house ever. The hypothetical family is left horribly, horribly traumatized. Then? A mechanical spider-camera hands them a free DVD of their experience to enjoy in the future.
* CrowningMusicOfAwesome: You never would have expected this to spawn from a webcomic, [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcRlN4v03k4 but here it is]], and it is glorious.
* DancingBear: Drawn by an expert hand... with a six-year-old as the writer.
* DesignatedHero: Many of the actions of Axe Cop and company would be morally questionable in a [[SlidingScaleOfSillinessVersusSeriousness story that was meant to be taken seriously]].
* DesignatedVillain: Telescope Gun Cop, at first. He never actually does anything evil until ''after'' he's dubbed a villain.
* EnsembleDarkhorse
** Several, most notably Baby Man, Mr. Stocker, and Bomb Joe.
** Even Malachai has stated he prefers Wexter to Axe Cop himself. [[CrazyAwesome It's easy to see why]].
** The Secret Agent Brothers' minions, Dave Chicken and his car, [[http://axecop.com/comic/axe-cop-presents-2/ also]] [[http://axecop.com/comic/axe-cop-presents-3/ qualify]].
** [[http://axecop.com/comic/ask-axe-cop-42/ Bat Warthog Man]] eventually had his [[SuperHeroOrigin origin story]] told in [[http://axecop.com/comic/episode-75/ the main series]].
*** And then the comic topped all of those combined with the fan reaction to ''Army Chihuahua''.
** Super Axe, Axe Cop's classmate from fighting school and the only axe-wielding superhero, already has a fanbase clamoring for him to team up with Axe Cop some time.
** Army Chihuahua. Just after his first appearance, he became stupidly popular from one dialogueless panel alone.
%%* JerkassWoobie: Lobster Man.
* MemeticBadass: Axe Cop With Lemon doesn't get to stick around for long, but the fandom still declared him as being even better than the already-awesome Axe Cop.
%%* MemeticMutation: [[http://axecop.com/comic/ask-axe-cop-42/ REEEET!]]
* MisBlamed: According to one interview, MoralGuardians will occasionally call Malachai's childhood into question based on Ethan's more graphic artwork.
* MoralEventHorizon: Keeping with the ParentalAbandonment themes, [[spoiler:Hasta Mia crosses this after murdering her parents]].
* MST3KMantra: Pretty much required when you're reading a comic written by a 5-year old (8, now) boy.
* NarmCharm: The comic is nonsensical, but as it is written by a child, it becomes nostalgic to our own childhoods and stories.
* NightmareFuel: Various cases, but particularly the [[http://axecop.com/comic/episode-63/ Baby Head Squid]]. That's some (perhaps unintentionally) creepy stuff.
** Baby-Man's family, in large part because it's just so ''surreal''. The shadowy drawing style and total lack of dialogue on the page that introduces them suggest that this may have been intentional.
** The rabbits from [[http://axecop.com/comic/ask-axe-cop-76/ Ask Axe Cop #76]]. These are giant rabbits created explicitly for the purpose of feeding an owl for a year, until they are reduced to bones. ''While they are still alive.'' They are stated to feel no pain, but whether that makes this less or more creepy, you have to decide for yourself.
* TheScrappy: Lobster Man and his domineering attitude earned a number of haters in his first few appearances. [[RescuedFromTheScrappyHeap This didn't last long]] when his backstory [[spoiler:revealed him as the brother of Hasta Mia desperate to stop her]].
* {{Squick}}
** What Axe Cop thinks of [[http://axecop.com/comic/episode-33/ Lobster Man's plan to attack Hasta Mia]].
** At the end of ''Bad Guy Earth'', [[spoiler:Axe Cop prays for God to make everyone on Earth poop in their pants]]. Cue {{Reaction Shot}}s.
** The original draft for the epilogue of ''Axe Cop Babysits Uni-Baby'' had the Magic World Police forcing Axe Cop and Dinosaur Soldier to eat their own poop and drink their own pee for the rest of their lives, which they get around by cloning themselves. Fortunately, Ethan refused to draw the comic this way, so the story was changed so that they would eat the rabbits that were too old to use instead.
%%** Or, rather, "[[http://axecop.com/comic/ask-axe-cop-16/ Plink]]."
%%** [[http://axecop.com/comic/episode-65/ The real final villain of the Ultimate Battle]].
* TooCoolToLive: [[spoiler:The Moon Warriors and Fwinky Dog]].

!![[WesternAnimation/AxeCop The Series]]:
* FairForItsDay: In-Universe Example. Axe Cop's ancestor Book Cop still believes girl are dumb. However, he also believes they can get smarter by reading books and that everyone has the right to read.
* MoralEventHorizon: The King crosses it when he murders one of his own soldiers, one who just got finished talking about his pregnant wife and three children.

* HilariousInHindsight: The comic hadn't even been out for a month when [[Webcomic/OkahinaOkashi a different webcomic]] [[http://www.strangecandy.net/d/20100204.html depicted a character watching Axe Cop on television.]]