YMMV / Avadon

  • Magnificent Bastard: Redbeard. Given that he's in charge of Avadon (and thus the Pact), its practically a job description. Heart Miranda. After her attempt to have Redbeard assassinated fails, she spends the entire game sending the player on missions specifically designed to make them question the validity of the Pact, in the hopes that she'll be able to turn the player against Redbeard and have them succeed where she failed. Whether or not this plot works is up to you.
  • That One Boss: Redbeard, the Final Boss before the rebel ending. What makes the fight annoying to many isn't so much that its hard, but that its tedious. Before you can even face Redbeard himself, you have to run around and destroy a bunch of golems that function as his Soul Jars, all of which have an obscene amount of health and are spread throughout the large arena. Once you've finally destroyed all the golems, you find that Redbeard's only real strength is his obscene healthpool.